Lourenzo Fernández Prieto

Lourenzo Fernández Prieto

Professor (principal researcher)

ORCID https://orcid.org/0000-0003-3206-2428

Lourenzo Fernández Prieto (A Devesa-Ribadeo, 1961) is Professor of Contemporary History at the University of Santiago de Compostela since 2005. He is currently director of the Department of History at USC, Vice President of the Society for the Studies of Agrarian History (SEHA) and Director of the Juana de Vega Chair. Specialized in the history of rural societies and agrarian technological change, he has carried out and directed research work related to the construction of modernity in the rural world and on the time of the civil war and the dictatorship. He is a member of the editorial board of different historical research journals and participated in the organization of numerous conferences and colloquia on the specialty. He was Vice Chancellor for Institutional Relations at USC between 2007 and 2010 and Director of the Department of Contemporary and American History at USC until 2016. 

It was I. P. in numerous R + D + i projects among them; Agrarian History fos Sustainable Agriculture (2004); Atlantic agriculture in wool on the Iberian Peninsula and transformations of the rural world in the 20th century. Technological, environmental and institutional conditions of the changes (2002-2005); Agrarian policies in an authoritarian context, from autarky to the green revolution: consequences in the agroecosystem, the economy and rural society (1940-1980) (2011-2013); The great technological and social transformation of Iberian agriculture: old, new and brand-new paradigms. 1950-2000 (2014-2016) and The vectors of structural change in Iberian Atlantic agriculture: motor-mechanization and dairy specialization. 1920-2000 (2016-2020). He also directed the Interuniversity Project “Names and Voices”, dedicated to the investigation of Franco's repression in Galicia (2006-2010) and “Socialization in the war against the Republic and the support of the Franco dictatorship. Recruitment, mobilization and participation in the "rebel Army" (1936-1939) "(2009-2012). He has directed 21 competitive research projects and also directed 19 research agreements and contracts with public and private entities. 

Among his most recent publications: (2007): The technological blackout of Francoism. State and innovation in twentieth-century Spanish agriculture, Valencia; (2008): Economic backwardness nunha sociedade destruída and Social dynamism and economic development, A Coruña; (2009): Facendo Historia con Memoria, Santiago, Ed. TresCtres; with Soto Fernández, D. (2010): “The Atlantic is not the Mediterranean. The agrarian change at the other end of the Iberian Peninsula: The same state, other landscapes, the same peasants? ”, In Garrabou, R., Shadows of progress. Traces of Agrarian History, Barcelona, ​​Criticism, pp. 231-257; (2011): "Interpreting Galician History: The Recent Construction of an Unknown Past", in Hooper, K. e Puga Moruxa, M. (eds.), Contemporary Galician Studies. Between the Local and the Global, New York, The Modern Language Association of America, pp. 24-39; (2014): with Artiaga Rego, A. (eds.) Other views on coup, war and dictatorship. History for an uncomfortable past, La Catarata; (2014): with Miguel Cabo Villaverde and Juan Pan-Montojo Agriculture in the Age of Fascism. Authoritarian Technocracy and Rural Modernization, 1922-1945, Ed. Brepols; (2014): with Miguel Cabo Villverde, Ana Cabana, Daniel Lanero and Antonio Miguez (eds.) Wokers of the world "Conflitivity in the contemporary rural world: new readings dun vello problema" nº 5 (2014); (2018): History of the Civil War as told by two sisters. Memories of coup, revolution and war, Granada, Comares; (2018) : with Miguez Macho, A. Golpistas e executiondugos de 1936. History of an uncomfortable past, Vigo, Galaxia; (2018), together with Artiaga Reg or, A. coord. monograph nº 111, Yesterday “Soldiers for the front”, (2020): with Vilavedra and Miguez Macho, 1936. A new story, Zaragoza, PUZ; with Lanero Táboas, D. (eds.) (2020): Leche y Lecheras en el Siglo XX. From innovative organic fusion to the Green Revolution, Zaragoza, PUZ; with Alba Díaz (2021), Paths of History. Looks and actors in half a century of rural history, Granada, Comares. He has supervised 12 dissertations, 29 Master's Thesis, 28 Final Degree Projects and 17 doctoral theses.