HISTAGRA participates in the annual Congress of the Association of Contemporary History. 2021

HISTAGRA at the AHC Congress 


Between September 9 and 11, 2021, the XV Congress of the Association of Contemporary History is held in the city of Córdoba, under the title: "Inhabited History. Subjects, processes and challenges of Contemporary History of the XXI century"


The XV Congress of the Association of Contemporary History pivots on two axes that we understand to be the ones that define today, in moments that continue to be of uncertainty and of sustained epistemological crisis, our professional work as historians and historians. On the one hand, we hope to address, in the course of its sessions, the historiographic matter in all its breadth. From the subjects, objects, themes, processes and problems that interest our views towards the past, to the methodological and epistemological resources that we use to interpret and manage the production of the narratives that we construct and transfer to society in the form of discourses about the past. . But also, on the other hand, we understand that Congress can constitute a space to address the role of the historian in the broad sphere of the public. 


This edition is organized by the Area of ​​Contemporary History. Department of History of the University of Córdoba and the ACH.


Histagra is present in: 


Workshop 9 CONFLICTIVITY AND VIOLENCE IN THE RURAL WORLD, 1868-1936. Organized: Miguel Cabo Villaverde and Óscar Bascuñán Añover (Complutense University of Madrid). 


Workshop 12 WAR AND PEACE. DECOLONIZATIONS, REVOLUTIONS, COUNTER-REVOLUTIONS, WAR AND POST-WAR IN THE AGITATED CONTEMPORARY AGE. Organized: Francisco J. Leira-Castiñeira and Rocio Velasco de Castro (University of Extremadura). 




Barral Martínez, M .: Notables and chiefs with liberal honor: the example of Eugenio Montero Ríos. 


Villaverde, M. and Carballo Gende, E .: The uncivil sport. Interparish struggles in Galicia in the Contemporary Age 


Cañón Voirín, L .: State terrorism and imperialism. 


Díaz-Geada, A .: Popular revolts, A Mariña (Lugo) 1891-1892. A sketch. 


López Fernández, T .: Alcohol, sociability and marginality. Bars as spaces for leisure and moral transgression in Lugo in the sixties ". 


Otero González, U .: Christian clothing: sartorial incarnation of "being a woman" for the Franco dictatorship. AHC Congress. Córdoba, September 9-11, 2021


Shawki, Y.: Iraq, crónica de la distorsión colonial. Congreso de la AHC. Córdoba, 9-11 de septiembre de 2021


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