Presentation of the Project Places of Democratic Memory of Barbanza

Presentation of the Project Places of Democratic Memory of Barbanza

On Monday, September 28, at 11:30 a.m., the press conference to present the project took place in the Plenary Hall of the Rianxo City Council:

Research, signaling and intervention proposal on the places of memory of the 1936 coup, the Franco dictatorship and the resistance in the Rianxo and Pobra do Caramiñal municipalities.

This project is the result of the collaboration between the Commission for the Recovery of the Historical Memory of Barbanza and the HISTAGRA Group of the USC, through a research agreement of which the researcher RyC Antonio Miguez Macho is scientifically responsible, and of which various HISTAGRA researchers.

With this research, we will make known those forgotten spaces, condemned or not to anonymity that contain a historical meaning related to the practices of violence and persecution associated with the 1936 coup, the policies of the Franco dictatorship or the Resistance to the coup and the dictatorship.

Taking into account the investigations and processes that were carried out in other cases in places of the State, Europe and in different countries of the world, following the recommendations that the UN and the EU made through successive reports and recommendations to the authorities Spanish.

In this first step, we will carry out a pilot investigation in Rianxo and A Pobra do Caramiñal to define a procedure and a protocol on these interventions within the framework of public memory policies: Signify, resignify, musealize or leave anonymous? There is no single model, but there are different experiences that can be taken as learning elements.

The intention of both the Commission and HISTAGRA is to carry out this investigation for the region, the province and Galicia.
The members of the team attended this event: Antonio Miguez Macho, Conchi López Sánchez and Rafael García Ferreira, as well as the board of the Barbanza Historical Memory Commission and the mayors of Rianxo and A Pobra do Caramiñal