Revolta: Research network

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The Department of Education and University Planning, Directorate-General for Scientific and Technological Promotion of the SUG, has just granted the aid of the programme for the consolidation and structuring of competitive research units, which supports the most competitive research groups in Galicia. These are HISTAGRA (USC), directed by Lourenzo Fernández Prieto; COSMERUN (USC), directed by Xoán Carlos Carreira; LaboraTe (USC), directed by Rafael Crecente Maseda; GESPIC (USC), directed by Xoán Carmona; and GIEEA (UdV), under the responsibility of Xavier Simón.
All these groups play a remarkable role in the scientific landscape of the Galician autonomous community and expect that this working network will reinforce their competitive image in other countries in the different fields of research: HISTAGRA, in contemporary history; LaboraTe, in agricultural engineering; COSMERUN, in the rural and natural world; GIEEA in ecological economics and agroecology; and GESPIC, in industry and trade.
The objectives of consolidating and structuring the network place special emphasis on strengthening and reorientating its lines of research and on cooperation for complementing the capacities of the network, as well as on reinforcing its structure. The monitoring indicators will be the number of high-impact publications, the number of contracts and agreements, participation in international projects and networks, new actions of cooperation and the number of doctoral theses defended and post-doctoral contracts.
The first meeting of this new network of groups took place in the Museo da Lamprea de Arbo from 30 September to 2 October. The different members of the teams tackled the initial issues regarding the programme of the new network, its organisation (dimensions intended; management, learning and knowledge exchange mechanisms; distribution of tasks, etc.) as well as the creation of a web platform that compiles all the information generated by the five work groups, and which will be the responsibility of A navalla suíza.