Lecture Uncomfortable Pasts: Carmen Negrín

Last conference of the HISTAGRA 2022-2023 Inconvenient Pasts Cycle


On Tuesday 30 May, the last lecture in the HISTAGRA Inconvenient Pasts series for the 2022-2023 academic year will be given by Carmen Negrín, a graduate in Political Science and former senior UNESCO official, as well as being the granddaughter and executor of the last president of the Second Republic, Juan Negrín.


On this occasion, Carmen Negrín will give a lecture entitled "Negrín's archives: how and why he preserved them. The consequences of having opened them".


Carmen Negrin (1947) is the daughter of Rómulo Negrin. Pilot of the Republic during the Civil War. Her mother is American. She went to Mexico and from there to Paris, together with her brother, to live with Juan Negrin. After the latter's death in 1956 in Paris, in 1960 he returned to Mexico with his father, who was unable to obtain a residence permit in France. He obtained a degree in Fine Arts at the University of Berkeley, as well as a diploma in Political Science and Linguistics. On his return to France in 1969, he resumed his studies, obtaining a degree in Modern Letters at the Sorbonne and a master's degree in Educational Sciences at the René Descartes, interrupted by his entry into UNESCO, where he held senior positions until his retirement in 2002.




Date: 30/05/2023

Title: Negrín's archives: how and why he preserved them. The consequences of having opened them

Speaker: Carmen Negrín

Time: 18:30 h  

Place: Aula 14. Faculty of Geography and History. USC


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