Lucía Freitas' conference at CISPAC

Lecture by Lucía Freitas at CISPAC. Vanguardia Primaria. Cooking the territory'


On Monday 23 January at 11 am, the chef Lucía Freitas will present her work: 'Vanguardia Primaria. Cooking the territory' in a conference in which the HISTAGRA Group collaborates.


Lucía Freitas, head chef of the restaurant A Tafona, awarded, among other recognitions, with a Michelin star 2018 and 2 Soles in the Repsol Guide, will present the main conceptual lines that structure her work, which she herself defines as Vanguardia Primaria, a philosophy that tries to value the identity potential of her land in haute cuisine, focusing on the essential and claiming the role of the true protagonists of the Galician gastronomic ecosystem (producers, sellers and cooks). She will also present the 'Amas da Terra' project.




Date: 23-01-2023 

Time: 11 a.m.

Place: Aula 10, Fontán Building. Cidade da Cultura


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