Miguel Anxo Seixas, 2021 Research Critics Award

HISTAGRA collaborator Miguel Ángel Seixas, 2021 Research Critics Award


Miguel Ángel Seixas Seoane, collaborator of HISTAGRA, and former doctoral student of the Group, is recognized with the Galicia Critics Award in the research category 2021 for the work Construtor da Nation. Volume II (1931-1939)


The jury highlighted that the work is the result of a deep and rigorous investigation that approaches the fundamental figure of Galician culture such as Castelao. Beyond the mythical construction, the work allows us to deepen, from the facts and the sources, the personality of Castelao, a multifaceted and complex figure, illuminating the political, human and artistic dimension of him.


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http://premiosdacriticagalicia.org/2021/11/dictamen-de-los-Premios-de la-critica-de-galicia-2021 /