HISTAGRA Vicenzo Barra researcher thesis reading


HISTAGRA Vicenzo Barra researcher thesis reading

Title: Civil society and political system in the liberal states of Spain and Italy: the client networks of Abilio Calderón Rojo and Michele Capozzi

Author: Vincenzo Barra

Directorr: Margarita Barral Martínez and Xosé Ramón Veiga Alonso

Court: President: Ramón Villares Paz (USC); Member: Mª Antonia Peña Guerrero (Univ. Huelva)

Secretary: Rafael Serrano García (Univ. Valladolid)

Department: Escola de Doutoramento Internacional (EDI) in Arts and Humanities, Social and Xuridic Sciences

Center: Xeography and History Faculty

Date and place of reading: 02/20/2020 16:30, Teachers Room. Xeography and History Faculty


The thesis research aims to improve the understanding, in comparative perspective, of the similarities and differences between the Spanish caciquismo of the Bourbon Restoration system (1876-1923) and the Italian case from the fall of the Destra Storica ( 1876-1922). It focuses mainly on the relationship between turnismo and trasformism, in addition to the function of clientelism. With this claim, the political elections of Abilio Calderón Rojo (1867-1939), deputy for Palencia between 1898 and 1923 and minister on different occasions, and those of Michele Capozzi (1836-1917), deputy of Atripalda between 1867 and 1904 and President of the Provincial Council for four decades.