HISTAGRA presents the works of the Castro grave (Viana do Bolo)

HISTAGRA presents the results of the research on the grave of Anuncia, the woman murdered in 1936 in El Castro (Viana).


The researcher collaborating with HISTAGRA for the development of the Galician Democratic Memory Plan, Conchi López, will present the first results of the research on the Castro grave, in Viana do Bolo, on May 10th at 11am. It will be in the IES Carlos Casares of the locality.


At the request of her son, we began the search for the remains of Anuncia Casado Atanes, tortured and murdered by Franco's coup plotters in August 1936, in the Revendeitas curve. She would later be buried in the nearest cemetery, in the Castro, in the parish of Pexeiros. A list of different sources led to the location of the grave, a space previously memorialised thanks to the actions of the Os Torgueiros Association and the local neighbourhood.


Historical research carried out by the Histagra group indicates that the body of Anuncia Casado Atanes was buried in the Castro cemetery, in the parish of Pexeiros (Viana do Bolo), after being persecuted, tortured and murdered on 21 August 1936. Anuncia is one of the 4% of the total number of women registered in the Names and Voices database as a victim of the violence of the coup between 1936 and 1939 in Galicia. She lived in San Mamede (Viana do Bolo), was 38 years old, lived in the countryside and had four children. The archaeological intervention was carried out by "Tempos Arqueólogos". In the area where they worked, they tried to locate a certain type of burial, understood as irregular. This is directly related to the death of Anuncia, commonly catalogued as a "walk" and which conditions to a large extent its morphology.


More information: https://www.nomesevoces.net/lugares/fosas/89/fosa-de-santa-maria-de-pradocabalos


About the event:


Day: 10-5-2024

Time: 11:15 a.m.

Place: IES Carlos Casares de Viana do Bolo. Estrada de la Calle, 104

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