Uncomfortable Pasts Cycle: José R. Rodríguez Lago

New lecture in the HISTAGRA series Pasados Incómodos: José Ramón Rodríguez Lago: Memorias y desmemoria. The Catholic Church during Franco's regime


Next Wednesday 7 February at 6 p.m. at the Faculty of Geography and History, Room 14, the lecture by José Ramón Rodríguez Lago, lecturer at the University of Vigo, will take place: Memories and dismemory. The Catholic Church during Franco's regime


This is one of the lectures programmed in the series Pasados Incómodos organised by the HISTAGRA Group, within the research line: Guerra, franquismo, transición y memoria: Historia y memoria del S. XX. Politics of memory.


José Ramón Rodríguez Lago is a lecturer at the University of Vigo. His research initially focused on the role of the Catholic Church in Spain in the 20th century, which gave way to the study of internationalism and transnational networks in Europe, the Holy See and the USA between 1898 and 1959. He also paid attention to the mundialist networks inspired or led by Salvador de Madariaga between 1927 and 1950.




Date: 7/02/2024
Title: Memorias e desmemoria. A Igrexa católica durante o franquismo (The Catholic Church during Franco's regime)
Speaker: José Ramón Rodríguez Lago (UdV)
Time: 18:00 h
Place: Aula 14. Faculty of Geography and History


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