Presentation of the book: Paths of History. Looks and actors in half a century of rural history

Presentation of the book: Paths of History. Looks and actors in half a century of rural history 



Today, Tuesday, January 12, 2021, the presentation of the book Trails of History will take place, the result of the meeting held in Santiago de Compostela on agrarian history in January 2019. It is coordinated by the members of HISTAGRA Alba Díaz-Geada and Lourenzo Fernández Prieto , and the most renowned Spanish historians on agrarian issues, agroecology and rural history participate. 


This work has as its starting point, objective and result, the debate, in the best tradition of the original Seminary of Agrarian History (SEHA), today the Society of Agrarian History Studies. In the academic debate are its foundations, which link it to other previous reflective exercises, and in the collective debate is the coherence of its content. The issue is the Agrarian History of the Hespañas as a problem, in the last half century. 

The objects of discussion are the changes in the approaches, methods and subjects analyzed by Agrarian History throughout modern times and contemporaneity. The first half of the book is dedicated to the reflection on how the historical study of property in the context of the bourgeois revolution gave birth to the historiographical renewal in the 1970s. The second half deals with different lines of research that have been developed by agrarian historiography over four decades: economic history, the study of communes, environmental history, attention to technological change, political history and collective action in the rural world, the link with social and cultural history, the study of social attitudes and the relationship with the history of migration.


In addition, the presentation of the publication, a recognition will be made to Professor Ramón Villares Paz, a teacher of historians, taking advantage of his 70th birthday. 


Date: January 12, 2021 Time: 12 a.m. Place: Paraninfo of the USC Organized by: HISTAGRA-USC and Dpt. History-USC