Launch of the web


The online platform of the Ecosocial do Barbanza Laboratory is now available (, an initiative that aspires to learn about the logics that made the communities of the Barbanza peninsula sustainable and self-sufficient in the past in order to promote its reactivation and design future strategies.

The Ecosocial do Barbanza Laboratory is promoted by the Arousa Rede Foundation for Innovation (RIA) in collaboration with the HISTAGRA research group at the University of Santiago de Compostela, thanks to funding from the Banco Santander Foundation and the support of the Cátedra Juana de Vega.

Between the months of January and March, prior to the extraordinary situation we are experiencing, the RIA Foundation and the HISTAGRA research group, we have advanced in the data collection phase of the project, carrying out field trips, more than fifteen interviews with inhabitants of Baroña (Porto do Son), Froxán (Lousame) and Laíño (Dodro); and visits to the archives of the three municipalities.

Based on all the information collected, between both entities we have prepared 9 articles accompanied by graphics, maps and videos that are already available through the Research section ( of (, where they can be filtered through categories that we have assigned to each one: spatial planning, governance, land ownership, land use, identity and culture, etc.

Periodically, we will publish new articles prepared by the project team itself or by invited experts so that the website can become a meeting place for multiple voices. ( also includes an interactive map, a tool at the service of its visitors that will allow you to locate study areas, but also consult a wide variety of data, such as protection figures, cadastral information and other aspects that determine the uses of the territory. These functionalities will be gradually incorporated during the development of the project. A central part of this tool is a comparator that allows you to easily and intuitively see the evolution that this territory has undergone over the last 70 years.

Through the articles on the website, you will be able to consult videos that reproduce fragments of the interviews carried out both with the residents of Laíño, Baroña and Froxán (to promote the understanding of the territory from the voice of its protagonists), as well as the team of the project or other experts.

The videos, in addition to being included in the articles, will be available on our YouTube channel ( will include subtitles in Galician, Spanish and English.

As the development of the project progresses, more videos will be published that will be available in new articles and on this YouTube channel (

The new articles, videos and features of the map that are incorporated into the website will also be published on our profiles on social networks (barbanzaecosocial on instagram ( and facebook (https: //

We invite you to visit the website at (